In “Parting Thoughts,” Pastor Reed reveals his final sermon series will be on the book of 2 Peter. Some have asked the pastor what his final sermon will be on and the question led him to consider the four passages that contain the thoughts of other past leaders on occasion of the end of their ministry. Moses, Joshua, Paul and Peter all gave final instructions, exhortations and encouragement.
In teaching on 2 Peter 1:12-15, Pastor Reed, like the Apostle Peter, seeks to stir up by way of reminder and exhort the leaders who will continue to lead the church to remain faithful and renew their commitment to building the Church by building up the faith of the next generation.
This is a sermon recorded at the Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church in Lebanon, PA during the morning service on 9/10/2023 entitled “Parting Thoughts” by Pastor Calvin Reed. It is taken from 2 Peter 1:12-15.