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June 11-16, 2018 @ the Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church

Teen Week is a week-long event for youth who are just completing 6th grade to graduating seniors.  It is designed to be both spiritually beneficial and also fun.  Each day features a mix of games, food, music, and a challenging message from the Bible, given by our speaker, Pastor Tim Zuck.  We hope you will join us for this epic week.

The Details:

  • This year’s speaker: Pastor Tim Zuck, Pastor/Church-Planter of Forks Township Bible Fellowship Church
  • This year’s theme: “Born Identity: Discovering Myself in God’s Story”

Events for the Week:

  • Monday – 6/11 – 6-10pm – “Wacky Water Adventures” @ the church (cost: FREE!) (Note: Please wear a modest bathing suit (such as a one-piece or tankini), bring an extra change of clothes and towel.)
  • Tuesday – 6/12 – 6-10pm – “Where’s Waldo” @ Root’s Market in Manheim (cost: FREE!)   (A permission slip is needed for this event.)
    ‘Where’s Waldo’ participants from Teen Week 2017
  • Wednesday – 6/13- 9am-9pm – Trip to Hershey Park (cost: $35) (Note: You must pay by Monday, June 11th or you will have to pay full price at the door. Meet and pickup at the church. A permission slip is needed for this event.)
  • Thursday – 6/14 – 7-10pm – “Paramount” (cost: FREE!) (*Meet and pickup at Paramount Sports Complex. Two permission slips are needed for this event, one for Lebanon BFC and one for Paramount.
  • Friday 6/15 9pm – Saturday 6/16 6am – All-Nighter (cost: $30)  (The all-nighter begins and ends at the church, and includes a speaker, music, pizza, bowling, Skyzone, and breakfast at Dutchway).  (*Parents, pick your teens up at 6am at the church on Saturday. Two permission slips are needed for this event, one for Lebanon BFC and one for Skyzone.

Please Note: A Permission Slip for Lebanon BFC is required for participation in Teen Week.  Click here to download one.  Please complete it and return it on the first night of Teen Week.  One slip is sufficient for all events of the week. In addition to this above for Thursday and Friday nights there is another permission that is required by the location we will be at for that night, please fill that out by following the link to their website (link can be found in each nights info)

Feel free to call Pastor Cruise (Teen Week Director) at 717-273-4802, or email at if you have any questions.


Register for Teen Week 2018!