Thank you for your interest in our 2017 Sunday School Christmas Program, “A Christmas Sequel”!  

We’re excited about this year’s production as it’s going to be a sequel.  In 2015 my wife and I put together a program called A Christmas Makeover?  And now, on December 17, 2017, we are going to present A Christmas Sequel.  But it’s been two years since the original play, and many may not remember the original.  So, if you’re planning to attend this year’s Christmas program and want to be totally prepared, below is an opportunity to view our Christmas play from 2015.  Thanks again for your interest in our program and we look forward to seeing you on December 17 at 7:00 PM!

Eric & Yvonne Herb

Lebanon BFC – Sunday School Christmas Program – “A Christmas Makeover?” – 12/13/2015 from Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church on Vimeo.